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As a foodie and health nut I look forward to when I can find time to make my way into the kitchen and create something wonderful. I start off every day with a breakfast smoothie that I will love eating and also that will give me the proper nutrition for all of the things that I have planned during the day. The list of vitamins and minerals in smoothies looks as if it is straight off of the back of a bottle of multi-vitamins. Honestly, I would rather drink a smoothie then pop pills. It has also gotta give me lots of hop and energy, or it just won't do. Righteous Smoothies is here to give you excellent smoothie ideas for your enjoyment right in the comfort of your own home.

smoothie with a seashell
The key to happiness : having your favorite things close at hand.


This can give you ideas and maybe spark some creativity inside you to make your own recipes. This is what the world of food blogging is all about. You can expand your recipe list by coming up with your own, or improving upon others recipes. Crafting your own dishes at home is super easy and is also very cost effective.


Most people think eating healthy is a chore, or it's not fun and exciting. The truth is that once you make something healthy to eat that you enjoy, you will not only feel full, you will feel fulfilled. You will feel the accomplishment that comes along when you say, "hey, I made that." Ofcourse, I am not saying that they are a magic cure all. Smoothies are just an easy way to get a bit more nutrition into your life.


To say that there are a lot of food blogs out there would be a huge understatement at this point, but there are some things about this site that makes it stand out among the rest. The one thing that you won't see on this site is a ton of distracting adds taking up potentially useful screen space. I want to keep this site add free. Other things that I like to keep out are overwhelmingly large recipe descriptions, bulky memory eating glamour shots of food, lengthy passages about some persons home life, and other annoyances. This is the way Righteous Smoothies keeps it straight to the point with no fluff and non-sense.

If you have ideas for something new, recipe corrections, or something that you felt was left out please share that with me.
Also, if you have ideas on how to improve the site please let me know as well.
My hope is to grow this site on a fairly regular basis.

Thank you for taking a look at the site and happy web surfing!